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At Grackle Studio we organize our chips differently. We organize them by Hue, Value and Chroma. Hue is the color you picked above. Each Hue is further broken down into four numeric units. For example, a Red family is broken down further into 2.5 R, 5 R, 7.5 R and 10 R. A yellow is broken down into 2.5 Y, 5 Y, 7.5 Y, 10 Y etc. Each color has a Value and Chroma.

Let’s look at an example.

2.5 GY 8/10

Hue is 2.5 GY or Green Yellow. The value is 8 and the chroma is 10.

The Munsell Color Wheel

Green Yellow is placed in color space between Yellow and Green. If we divide green yellow into four sections, 2.5GY is closer to Yellow than Green. 

Value compares dark to light on a scale of 1-9. The darkest value is 1 and the lightest value is 9. 

Chroma measures intensity or saturation of color. It ranges from 2-16 in intervals of two for eg 2. 4, 8 etc. 

In summary, 2.5 GY 8/10 is a green that is very yellowish, light and quite saturated.

If you fix the value of 2.5 GY 8/10 at 8 and change the Chroma you have a Chroma string like the one shown below. You can find all our Chroma Strings here.  Similarly, if you fix the Chroma at for example at 6 and change the Value you have the Value String.

2.5 GY 8/ Chroma String

2.5 GY 8/12
Green Yellow
2.5 GY 8/10
2.5 GY 8/8
2.5 GY 8/6
2.5 GY 8/4
2.5 GY 8/2

2.5 GY /6 Value String

2.5 GY 4/6
2.5 GY 5/6
2.5 GY 6/6
2.5 GY 7/6
2.5 GY 8/6
2.5 GY 9/6