Custom hand-mixed oil paint for artists

  • At Grackle Studio, we are obsessive about equipping you with the exact colors you need to create your masterpiece. Subtlety of color is our forte. The complexity of the oil paint world can be overwhelming. No two cadmiums are alike, no two yellow ochres are alike, and names on paint labels are entirely subjective. So we decided to simplify the process. Grackle Studio offers standardized custom mixed oil paints. Using the renowned Munsell scale, each paint color is identified with a code name, taking the guesswork out of creating your perfect palette. 

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  • Color Accuracy

    Grackle Studio paints are specifically hand-mixed for artists. We match each tube of oil paint to a spectrophotometrically accurate chip provided by the Munsell Book of Color. We bring order to the color world.

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    Complete Control

    Our paints give you complete control over color. You get to choose how dark/light and how saturated you want your paints. You don’t need to be an expert painter to use our paints – just use our easy Color Finder to select your color by sight.

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Our process

  • Select your color

    STEP 1

    Select your color

    Choose from hundreds of colors to find your exact shade. If you are familiar with Munsell Scales, you can search for your color by Munsell notation. Or, use our easy Color Finder. You can select just a few colors, or whole a string of shades.
  • Your colors are created

    Step 2

    Your colors are created

    We custom hand mix every order. We are obsessive about paint quality, and use the most high-end professional oil paints available to mix our paints. We triple check to make sure your paint matches the Munsell chips you have selected.
  • Your colors are delivered

    Step 3

    Your colors are delivered

    Once we receive your order we start working on it immediately. We will ship it to you within 15-21 days via priority UPS with tracking. We do not have a minimum purchase.

Let’s get started on your next masterpiece.

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