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    We are artists & colorists committed to advancing the art of painting with the help of concrete color identification methods. We believe that color can be objectively explained. And control over color translates to a better painting & learning experience for all artists.

    The industrial revolution and consequent progress and research in the chemical industry has led to a spurt of previously unavailable hues and synthetic pigments for artists. This current overabundance of paints makes objective classification and organization of color more important than ever before. The old masters did not have access to the current paint isles at the art stores. They simply were masters of their limited palettes. We intend to help the current and future generation of artists achieve mastery over their palettes and tackle the most difficult of color problems using our organizing and mixing abilities. Our objective is to bring back the much needed elegance and simplicity to the contemporary color world through the Grackle method of understanding color.

  • We mix our hues from what is commercially available in the market. We serve as an intermediary between the paint makers and the artists. Our classification of color helps artists access around 1400 hues. We never use any fillers and all of our paint is sourced from highly trusted paint makers. We are based out of Austin, TX. We can customize on several levels and would love to hear from you if you have any other questions. 

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Our goal is to bring back the much needed simplicity to the contemporary color world through our unique method of color identification. 


What do the numbers on the paints mean, i.e. 5R 6/12?

Our paints do not use conventional names of color, rather the numbers on the tube signify the three identifiable properties of a color.

5 R (HUE)   6 (VALUE) / 12 (CHROMA)

There is NO division or math involved in this. The Munsell Color System uses this notation to express the three dimensions of color, which serves as a measurement and a nomenclature to provide consistency, reliability, and understanding.

What do Hue, Value & Chroma mean?

Hue is the conventional term used when describing a color. For example, red, yellow, blue, etc. Hue represents the family a color belongs to on the color wheel.

Value describes how dark or light a color is. In painting, value is measured in nine steps: 1 – 9, darkest is 1 and the lightest is 9. 

Chroma is intensity of a color from nearly neutral to intense saturation. The range of Chroma goes from 2 to 16, in multiples of 2. 

As visual artists, we rely on this information to make decisions in our paintings. The Munsell Color System provides a precise understanding of color based on the way our eyes perceive color, making our decisions in painting more precise as well.

Do I need to understand all the above information to buy/use Grackle Studio paint?

Grackle studio offers a very wide range of color options for artists. If variety of color is what you are looking for you do do not need to know The Munsell Color System to use our paints. And if you can visually identify the color you want, simply head to our shop by clicking here

If you are a serious artist trying to make big improvements in your paintings it always helps to study about the Munsell arrangement and color mixing. Since painting is a visual art form, all our painting problems are Hue, Value and Chroma problems.

What store brands do you use to mix your paints?

To ensure consistent quality ,we like to use high end paint brands. For proprietary reasons we cannot name them on this website. We can also customize your paints based on your brand preference, please contact us to place a custom order. 

Whats are Strings of color?

A string is a series of colors arranged evenly and perceptually. In a Value String, the paint spans from dark to light, while maintaining a fixed chroma. In a Chroma String, color gradates from nearly neutral to intense saturation, maintaining a fixed value.

What do you mean when you say the Munsell standard?

The Munsell Book of Color is a collection of spectrophotometrically accurate color plates, which create a color space. These color plates are the standard we use to ensure consistency in each tube of paint. We have replicated each of these chips on our website, so everyone has access to them.

How are you different from conventional paint makers?

Grackle Studio paints are mixed to match spectrophotometrically accurate color plates from The Munsell Book of Color, which define value and chroma based on the way the eye perceives color. Using this color space as a standard, we can be very specific about Value and Chroma, giving you more control over the colors available to you. No other paint maker offers as wide a selection or consistency as Grackle Studio.

What is your turn around time?

We custom hand mix every order we receive and ship within 14 to 21 days of the order, via UPS with tracking. We understand this turnaround time is longer than purchasing from conventional art stores. We ask that you keep in mind each tube is personally mixed for you! Should you need your order to be expedited, please contact us and we will find a solution.

I have a large painting project and I want to customize my order can I do that?

Absolutely! This makes Grackle Studio stand out from the rest, we are here for you!  Please contact us and one of us with your custom request and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Do you mix with lead based paints like Cremnitz or Flake White etc?

In general no, but we are happy to make you a  custom mix using Cremnitz and Flake White paints, if that’s your preference. Contact us and let us know how we can customize a string for you!

What is your return policy?

We consistently aim to impress you with our product. If for any reason you are not satisfied or would like to return a product, we will happily exchange your paint for a store credit within 30 days of receipt.

What are your shipping rates?

Up to $99 = $5.95

$100 – $199 =  $11.95

$200 – $399 = $17.95

$400+ = Free Shipping

There is no minimum order.