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Dark skin tones

2.5 YR

2.5YR 2/2
2.5YR 3/3
2.5 YR 3/4

5 YR

5 YR 2/2
5YR 3/3
5 YR 4/4
5YR 2/2.5
5 YR 3/4

7.5 YR

7.5 YR 2/2
7.5 YR 4/4
7.5 YR 3/4

10 YR

10 YR 2/2
10 YR 4/4
10YR 2/2.5
10 YR 3/4

This list serves as a general guide to find the color you’re looking for. Computer monitors produce color by an interplay of light of different wavelengths, in real world we perceive color by reflection of a certain wavelength from a physical object. This difference in mechanism may cause difficulties in direct comparisons.  For more help finding a specific string or for customization, please contact us for assistance. We are always here to help.

* Please note that different screens/monitors will display the colors differently based on screen calibrations as well. We have played around and realized that computer monitors in rooms with reflected daylight fare well in accuracy comparisons.  Each paint tube we provide is mixed in natural light ( optimum CRI)  and matched to the specifications provided by the Munsell Book of Color.